How to convince your boyfriend to go more often on nightclubs

There are plenty of clingy girls who will insist that their boyfriends should take them clubbing when they’re both in the mood for it. But it’s simply not healthy for any relationship. Nightclubs are not primarily places for bringing together couples — they’re sexually charged environments for mate selection and mate competition. If you want your man to keep coming back to the club, you need to understand that he will need his alone time.

The good news is that there are plenty of perfectly innocent reasons for guys in committed relationships to enjoy the nightlife scene. And if you can keep your expectations in check, it will be much easier to get him to join you.

If your guy wants to party but doesn’t have enough money to do so, try to entice him with freebies. If he thinks you’re into him, he may be more inclined to go out with you.

You should always make it a point to bring your friends to the club with you so that you don’t have to leave them. Having a group of people who can help you out will make the night more enjoyable and will keep your boyfriend from getting bored. It will also make him feel like he has a social life outside of your relationship.

Another great way to convince your boyfriend to go out with you more often is to talk about the reasons why he wants to party without you. If he’s feeling tired or drained of energy, he will probably want to party so that he can rejuvenate himself and recharge his batteries.

You should also be sure to stay one step ahead of him. This means that you should pack a phone charger and set a regroup time for yourself and your friends. This way, you’ll have a chance to meet up in case you lose each other amidst the throng of people in the club. It’s also a good idea to have a small amount of drinks on hand (not a lot, but enough to help you stay a little tipsy) so that you can keep tabs on your own state of mind.

He may be a normal clubbing guy and enjoy going out to a nightclub with his friends. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t have other plans if you’re not around.

If you’re not sure what he’s doing at a certain time, ask him to stop and talk to you. This will give you a better sense of what’s happening and will let him know that he can talk to you about it later on.

Aside from that, don’t stalk him or linger around him in the club. This will make him feel like you’re clingy and needy. Instead, try to find some other ways to liven up your relationship so that he will look forward to going out with you more than just to avoid boredom.

Make it a date

If you’re in a committed relationship, nightclubs might seem like the last place you want to be when your boyfriend goes out with his friends. After all, you can’t help but worry about what they might be up to when you aren’t around.

But there are plenty of fun and romantic things you can do to keep the romance alive — and get him out of his clubbing rut. Try a karaoke date night. Singing your hearts out to your favorite tunes should put you both in a better mood long before the last beat drops. Even if you don’t know how to sing well, singing with your guy is a great way to let your hair down and have some fun.

Alternatively, go to a local wine tasting or hole-in-the-wall bar. It’s a great way to explore your tastes together and you can also make it a fun, relaxing date night.

Make it fun

There are few things in life that feel more fun than dancing the night away with your best friends while listening to some great music. Bringing your boyfriend to the club can be an excellent way to show him how much you care and to show him that you can have fun together. However, be careful not to set your expectations too high. Nightclubs are noisy, crowded places where hook ups happen and where monogamy isn’t always practiced.